New polishing machines!

Complete restructuring of the range.

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> Machine C5100
> Machine C510


News stations of polishing !

Crevoisier realized a reorganization of all the range.

Discover this new range by following the links below:

> Station C5100
> Station C510




Partnership with our customers

Crevoisier SA attaches particular importance to working in true partnership with its customers.

Discover the movie of the partnership with ProArt of the group RICHARD MILLE.

We are at your disposal for all studies and realization of projects with the necessary support.


Micromotor for polishing station

In partnership with Badeco, MX1 micromotors are now available in full integration on all polishing stations in our range.

Our sales team is at your disposal for further information.


Partnership with AUTOPULIT

In June 2017, Crevoisier SA entered into an exclusive partnership agreement with AUTOPULIT for Switzerland.
With 50 years of experience, AUTOPULIT is a leader in the field of automatic polishing.
These solutions complete the range of Crevoisier polishing machines (manual and robotic).

Solutions: Machine transfer from 1 to 4 work units 4 or 5 CNC axes.

Service : The whole service, training, support and after-sales service, is carried out by Crevoisier SA.

Automation: Crevoisier loading solutions integrate on AUTOPULIT machines.



Multi-face laser engraving.

More information.



Environmentally conscious, we have made every effort to ensure that our production site is free from pollution.

Validated by the Office of the Environment of the Republic and Canton of Jura.


The SWISS KNIFE of the machine tool

Due to its versatility, the C440 machine is THE real "SWISS KNIFE" of the machine tool. It allows to do operations of :

> Grinding
> Finishing
> Satining
> Milling
> Drilling
> Turning
> Diamond machining


Finisching center C400S and robot C66

The C400S finishing center and C66 loading robot are a great solution for fully automated terminal pieces in 5 axes.

The advantages of this set are:
> Surfaces ground
> Simple to use
> Productivity
> Quality and Price


Finisching center C400S and C400F

 C400B a machine whose reputation is more to do, now comes in 2 versions C400F simpler and C400S. Thereof are adapted to the parts requiring fewer operations.

The Profiles of these two new machines are available on specific pages, C400F and C400S.

Other versions will follow in the first half of 2017.

Commercial and technical team Crevoisier SA is at your disposal for further information.


C440 machining, grinding and finishing centre

Come and check out our C440 machining, grinding and finishing centre.
Incorporating new technical features, improved ergonomics and design.
Official presentation at EPHJ 2016.


C66 new loading cell

Come and check out the C66 new loading cell C66.

The C66 loading robot offers a new automation solution for machines of all brands. Official presentation at EPHJ 2016.


HF spindle for C400B machine

A new accessory for the machines C400B and C400F.               
An HF spindle is now available for our finishing centre. It is available in various speed ranges (28,000, 60,000 and 80,000 min-1, and can be used to perform operations such as:

> Drilling
> Micro-milling
> Micro-grinding
> Etc.

Our team is at your disposal for any further information.


2014/15 cutting-edge Swiss companies

Breaking the barriers of robotisation, mechanisation and finishing

Crevoisier SA, in the advanced Swiss companies in 2014/15.

A charismatic boss and a motivated team of employees - the miraculous winning formula for Crevoisier SA, an SME which keeps on churning out innovations. The innovation capacity of this business, located in Les Genevez and with a workforce of 65, is also based on the support of excellent partners, and above all the strong design office team. It can boast no fewer than ten people in R&D, something unheard of in this part of the world.

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