The C440 and C480 machines are equipped as standard with the Crevoisier® software SFP440/480. SFP stands for Shop Floor Programming. This software enables the setter to fine-tune the product directly on the machine (modifying the feed, number of passes, pass values, etc.). It facilitates setup, cuts down setting times and so increases the productivity of your machinery.


The programmer creates an SFP file from a CAM (the machine is supplied as standard with a Crevoisier® module for GibbsCam®, making it possible to export trajectories, solids and tools). SFP also has a neutral file format, making it possible to import trajectories, solids and tools from other CAM software.



The SPF file is then opened directly on the machine, where the setter can modify the parameters and fine-tune. The program is posted directly on the machine, taking into account the machine parameters (e.g. pivot points) and workpiece parameters (fixture offset, etc.).



CAM is not required in order to program simple operations (probing, inter-horn area, machining a diameter, shape grinding one side, etc.). These cycles can be modified (or created) by the customer.



The programmer can view their modifications directly thanks to the built-in simulator (with active anticollision) before posting the ISO code. The simulator does not read the tool trajectory, but the ISO code generated by the SFP440/480 application. So the movements viewed on the screen do correspond to reality.



The shaped wheels cutting cycle call and the cutting trajectory are built into the SFP software. You need only import the dxf file for the shaped wheel and the cutting operations are defined on a 2D basis, by simply placing a small green flag at the start and a small red flag at the end of the shape to be cut. You need only complete the cutting parameters for each tool, and all the rest will be done automatically upon posting.  



Simultaneous 6-axis machining (C480 ) enables management of the machining area for a tool. This makes for simpler programming and reduces the linear axes travel, thus saving time during machining and optimising the lubricating spray positioning. The program is executed in 5 axes, and the SFP software itself calculates the trajectory in 6 axes.  



Using the Turn@x6 axes configuration (C480 ), the workpiece positioning becomes highly flexible, so that the surfaces to be machined can be presented in multiple orientations. The SFP software belt / roller programming function enables you to apply satin-finishing oriented in a complex shape (bevel on a case middle hoop, lyre, etc.).



The Crevoisier SA sales and technical team is at your disposal for
any further information and / or a demonstration.

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