Programming C440, C480 via SFP

Demonstration of our SFP programming software. This software facilitates the programming of machines and therefore reduces programming time so increasing the productivity of your machine. Software available on C440 and C480 machines.


Crevoisier Richard Mille partnership ST_EN

Use of Crevoisier machines for the production of Richard Mille watches.


Crevoisier cooperates with FLP Microfinishing

Crevoisier SA announces one cooperation with FLP Microfinishing, which is the official agent for Germany. Both companies present themselves at Grindtec in Augsburg together. "The Crevoisier machines are developing our business for the benefit of our customers," says Dipl.-Ing. Thomas Rehfeldt, Managing Director of FLP Microfinishing.

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C60 loading robot on Agie Charmilles machine (GF)

Integration of a C60 loading robot on the Agie Charmilles HSM400LP machine.

Presentation of the loading/unloading cycle in video.


C480 machine, simultaneous 6-axis machining

Example of machining of a caseband with the 6 axes of the C480 machine.


GibbsCAM UKM simulation software.

Example realised with the C400B machine.


Innovation in the genes

Innovation is not a useless word to Crevoisier SA, a machine tool and automation specialist, located in Les Genevez for 50 years. About 15% of the staff work in the Research & Development Department so the company regularly releases new products on the market.

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Crevoisier SA creates the Swiss knife of machine tool

The new center of grinding and finisching C440, the Company Crevoisier SA allows to carry out operations of grinding, Sanding, milling, drilling, engraving, turning and diamond cutting. In more versatility, it offers the required rigidity, as well as speed, and precision, including for parts made of hard materials, such as ceramic, carbide or sapphire.

Full article on page 17 (in French)


9th Apprenticeship Day

Meeting with Régis Sauvain, engineer at Crevoisier SA at Les Genevez

Read the article and listen to the Podcast (in French).


When watchmaking ceases to hide its robots

Panerai and Richard Mille are two brands that assume the automation of certain parts of their production. They are proof that we can succeed without necessarily conveying the image of the old watchmaker leaning on his workbench.

Grinding and finishing of the Richard Mille watchcase on C480 and C440.

Link to the web article (in french)


A firm that is committed to rehabilitation

In the presence of guests from the political, economic and institutional world, the Office for Disability Insurance (DI) of the Canton of Jura presented awards Thursday night in Delémont, in the framework of the Fair of Jura. Jura two companies, Louis Bélet SA in Vendlincourt, and Crevoisier SA, the Genevez, were thanked for their commitment to vocational rehabilitation. Meeting with Philippe Crevoisier, company director that bears his name.

Link to the web article (in french)


Employers who get wet, policyholders who take

The Office of Disability Insurance (AI) of the township and the accident insurance Suva presided yesterday in the hall of the Fair of the Jura, the awards ceremony of vocational rehabilitation, punctuated by musical interludes of Recorder trio Berret-Schaller-Manetsch, the Jura school and music conservatory.


New at EPHJ

On 14 June Crevoisier SA will unveil a mind-boggling novelty. At present,

a sketch  a sketch is the only proof of its existence.





A charismatic boss and a motivated team of employees - the miraculous winning formula for Crevoisier SA, an SME which keeps on churning out innovations.

Link to the web article  (in German)


Breaking the barriers of robotisation, mechanisation and finishing

"A family-type company which is sure to grow further..." This observation should soon come true, with the Crevoisier workshops starting to become cramped.

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Basel is not the only place to be on the watchmaking scene.

Baselworld closes its doors today. This highly publicised trade fair almost tends to leave other events of the same kind in the shade. How important is the show for the activity of the businesses? What do they gain by taking part? The "Le Franc-Montagnard" newspaper surveyed three local companies with ties to watchmaking, but which had no presence at Baselworld.


«Watchmaking advancing in the dark»

Salvation through innovation.                                                                                   To win  over new customers in this context, watchmakers and machinery or tool manufacturers are still banking on innovation. This also applies to small independent businesses.


RTS, Businesses seeking solutions after the abolition of the base rate.

Interview with Philippe Crevoisier

Listen to the podcast (in French)


2014/15 cutting-edge Swiss companies

Breaking the barriers of robotisation, mechanisation and finishing

A charismatic boss and a motivated team of employees - the miraculous winning formula for Crevoisier SA, an SME which keeps on churning out innovations. The innovation capacity of this business, located in Les Genevez and with a workforce of 65, is also based on the support of excellent partners, and above all the strong design office team. It can boast no fewer than ten people in R&D, something unheard of in this part of the world.

Link to the web article


Magazine, 200 SMEs which make Romandy

Interview with Philippe Crevoisier


POLIcapture®HESSO Valais EN video

Presentation of the POLIcapture® concept

English version


POLIcapture®HESSO Valais video

Presentation of the POLIcapture® concept

French version


Compact finishing and grinding center

At the EPHJ two years ago, Crevoisier SA presented its C480 termination and rectification center. This machine capable of realizing 6-axis machining at the same time and with many innovations meets success in the market. To complete its range, Crevoisier SA has developed a new, smaller termination machine, which will be released in early 2015. Meeting with Philippe Crevoisier, CEO and Didier Migy, sales engineer.


A robot reproducing the finest human actions

Unveiled as a world first at the 2013 EPHJ/EPMT/SMT show, the POLIcapture system by Crevoisier SA made a big splash in the world of polishing. Unique in the world and developed in collaboration with HES SO Valais higher education institute, this revolutionary concept earned the Les Genevez company the exhibitors' award at the watchmaking subcontracting show.

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THE WATCHES MAGAZINE - Crevoisier: polishing in the spotlight

To succeed on particularly competitive markets and compensate for Switzerland's very high labour costs, SMEs operating in the industrial sector must prove themselves innovative, dynamic and in touch with the most cutting-edge technologies of the moment. This is the case with Crevoisier SA, the machinery manufacturer from Les Genevez (Jura), which at the recent EPHJ-EPMT show presented an extraordinary polishing robot.


Good actions and good ideas

«Capturing» and harnessing a company's good ideas is a good old winning technique. It is what all MSM readers do regularly! Yet Crevoisier has now achieved the feat of capturing the actions of a craftsman, and reproduce them on an unlimited basis.

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How to ensure continuous improvement

"We have chosen Crevoisier SA since although it is a human, family-sized business (60 people), it is highly dynamic. This year to mark the EPHJ-EPMT-SMT show, it unveiled a new resolutely revolutionary machine, the Polycapture. It can record the polisher's actions, so that a robot can then repeat them effortlessly. We asked Philippe Crevoisier, the Director and CEO of Crevoisier SA, some questions relating to good practices"

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Le Quotidien Jurassien - Jura's innovation rewarded

In Geneva yesterday, the Les Genevez-based machinery manufacturer Crevoisier SA won the exhibitors' award at the watchmaking subcontracting show EPHJ, a new award in recognition of a major innovation. Developed over more than two years with a higher education institute, the "Policapture" concept enables a robot to learn the actions of a polisher, in order to reproduce them on an industrial scale. With the prospect of wider applications.


RTS - Policapture EPHJ 2013

The company Crevoisier, based in Les Genevez (JU), presents a fairly revolutionary world first in watchmaking at the EPHJ show in Geneva.

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Eurotec - Polishing in the digital age

While motion capture was developed in the 1980s for the armed forces and then for physiological and medical analyses, it is in Hollywood film making and video games that this technique earned its spurs. It is designed to record human movements by means of sensors, so that they can then be recreated virtually (as in Avatar for example).


Eurotec - Polishing in the digital age

While motion capture was developed in the 1980s for the armed forces and then for physiological and medical analyses, it is in Hollywood film making and video games that this technique earned its spurs. It is designed to record human movements by means of sensors, so that they can then be recreated virtually (as in Avatar for example).


Innovation Imperative in the manufacture of machinery

If the horse is the greatest conquest of man, machine Doit Being the second. Who is this that spring a visit to SA in Crevoisier Genevez.


Superfinishing and satin-finishing

At the 2012 Geneva EPHJ - EPMT - SMT show, the editorial team met up with Mr. Didier Migy, the Technical Sales rep of Crevoisier SA. He is this machinery manufacturer's only sales rep, though of course he has the backing of a strong team.

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Grinding 6 simultaneous axes

In unveiling its center for grinding and finishing C-480 to the Swiss market during the EPHJ, Crevoisier SA has struck a blow. Equipped with 7 areas of work including 6 interpolated simultaneously, the C-480 is the production of complex parts. With a respectable weight of 9 tons, the machine displays an impressive rigidity that allows it to process transactions and the most demanding materials.


Precision machine tools

Crevoisier SA, a business specialised in machinery manufacture, will be present at EPHJ. This year, the company will present the newly developed C400B finishing CNC centre. This machine will feature an automatic C60 series palletiser feed, equipped with visual recognition.

More info


Repeatability insured polishing.

Parts machined by milling and turning can not be polished as is. A preparation phase, the termination is necessary. The quality of the latter depends on the quality of polishing. Until recently the operations of termination and polishing were often empirical and totally dependent on the operator's hand. Without aiming to replace it, the company Crevoisier SA brings regularity and repetitiveness these valuable digital operations essential to the quality of finished products.



If Crevoisier SA (Les Genevez, Switzerland) has developed thanks to machine concept of the small grinding, polishing and termination table (the right to make any independent e mail) Who adapts to the needs of users, that is pushing this concept well beyond what the company develops and produces machine tools and termination as well as automation systems. But still, the Customer Need is at the heart of basic a development, interchangeable modules tested.


250 jobs for 320 assets of the village of Les Genevez!

In twenty-five years, the village of Genevez has experienced extraordinary economic development. And, of all the municipalities of equal size to district, it has a unique pattern: about 319 people active in the community (ie aged 20 to 65 years), 250 have a job on the spot! Who says better?


At Baselworld, the watch manufacture is not only to be smiling.

For these times, it is good Rather Work In watchmaking.

The branch so dear to the Jura through June period Pomp. The VSS activities after the other, brands publish results up strong. The rate of growth are sometimes two figures. AS Watches Swiss exports near Ont jumped 11% in 2005.

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